Illuminated Stump to shine after dark

Boston’s iconic Stump church is to be illuminated after dark thanks to donations from Boston Borough Council’s town area committee (BTAC) and Boston Mayflower Housing Association.

The move to fund the lights for the 700-year-old church came after an appeal from Coun Carol Taylor.

The Stump was lit for the town’s Christmas celebrations thanks to the Rev Brian Newton, who was celebrating his 82nd birthday.

Another private donation was made to ensure it was illuminated for Christmas.

But it can now also stay in lights for other religious festival periods this year thanks to the £1,000 BTAC grant and £500 from Mayflower.

Coun Taylor said: “It has been a life-saving beacon down the centuries – both spiritually and literally, to the religious and secular. It has guided to safety those in peril on the sea and in the air – Second World War pilots limping back from action took a sighting of The Stump as an indication that they were safe and almost home.

“But scan the skyline after the sun has set and you may well miss it altogether.”

Coun Taylor said it would cost £3,000 for the Stump to be floodlit at night for an entire year.