It’s no Shrek...but Rise of the Guardians is great

Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians

Unlike the more successful Pixar, DreamWorks can be hit and miss. However, while Rise of the Guardians is no Shrek, it is definitely a great film.

Jack Frost is a fable who has never really learnt his purpose. However, with the return of Pitch (the film’s antagonist), the Guardians – Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and the Sand man – are under threat and Jack is chosen to be the next Guardian.

For children, this plot will amaze, but it is nothing you haven’t seen before, and the clichéd storytelling really lets this film down and the director could have done something better.

But while the film fails in this aspect, the performances are up to the standards set by that of Pixar. With Alec Baldwin’s Santa Claus being the highlight of the entire film and providing most of the films comic relief.

This itself also allows for great chemistry between the Easter Bunny, Santa and Jack Frost and one of the films highlights is seeing them bickering, even if this is an aspect of the film that may not amuse the younger viewers.