Market Place revamp to go on until May, council says

Boston Market Place improvement works.
Boston Market Place improvement works.

WORK on Boston’s Market Place is set to continue until the end of May, the council has said, meaning that the market will not return to its traditional home for a couple more months.

Most of the work on the site will be complete by the end of the month, but several aspects, including the pedestrian access to the Ingram memorial and some kerbing around the market place, will not be complete for some time.

It means the market will not be back in place until the May Fair has taken place at the beginning of the month.

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council said it was decided it would be better to keep the market in its current place on Wide Bargate until the end of the fair, to save disrupting stall holders twice.

Town centre portfolio holder Coun Derek Richmond said: “For more than 500 years Boston’s Market Place has been a jewel in its crown. Now this project has given this beautiful and historic area a new lease of life, ensuring it continues to attract new shoppers, visitors and investors for decades to come.”