New school to teach English


A new school teaching English qualifications to all - and English as a second language to migrants - has been set up in Boston.

The Boston School of English will open on January 4, providing a chance for all to improve their language skills.

The school is a venture by TaylorITEX, which has been providing adult learning opportunities in the Boston area for a number of years.

Director of services Mick Tayor said: “Almost half of the people in the town have no Level One qualification and it is proven that this can have a dramatic effect on their opportunity to thrive in the workplace and command higher pay and better prospects.

“People without English qualifications are much more likely to be low paid than those with qualifications and skills.

“The average salary in Boston is around £9,000 per year lower than the UK average.

“We believe that we can change this by giving a chance to those people who would like to improve their English, with the option of working towards formal qualifications.”

A wide variety of adult learners will be catered for, from those who want to brush up on their English skills, to those who wish to speak it from scratch.

“Many people are starting to realise that employers are looking for English and maths qualifications as a must on their job applications and CVs,” said Mr Taylor. “And, of course, a large number are learning English as a second language.”

The school will be able to help those with difficulties communicating on the phone, in person, or by written form, along with help applying for employment, with advice on tackling job interviews.

The school will be based at Garfitts House, 116 High Street, with classes available at flexible times, including evenings and weekends .

Mr Taylor added: “We’ll take into account learners’ individual circumstances, including work and childcare commitments, and we’ll adapt to what they need.”

Details on 01205 351239 or email