Pilgrim’s Bounty novel a tale of love and war

Author Ken Bloomfield with his new book The Pilgrim's Bounty
Author Ken Bloomfield with his new book The Pilgrim's Bounty

A new novel taking inspiration from Boston’s history with the Pilgrim Fathers – and local characters still alive today – has been published.

Ken Bloomfield’s The Pilgrims’ Bounty is a ‘tale of war, passion, treachery, violence, friendship and love’.

The father-of-six lived in Boston for many years while his children were growing up, and says it inspired the book.

“My family and I have lived in Boston for many years and are well known in the town as we used to have roosters in Old Leake for many years.

“I came to Boston from London in the 1970s and my children grew up here. In London as a young man I worked in intelligence services but when children came along I decided to take a different career.”

The novel traverses the 17th to 21st centuries and features the Pilgrim fathers and a mysterious ancient artefact which affects the lives of those who come into contact with it.

“There are many characters in the book that people may recognise as themselves.”

Mr Bloomfield, who now lives in Cyprus, but has family still in the Boston area, said the book picks up the story in contemporary England, Russia and Cyprus.

Dick Brady is also an ex-military intellegence worker and the story follows Dick and his partner’s attempts to fight the ‘forces of darkness’.

“This is the first full novel I have written although I’ve written short stories over the years,” said Mr Bloomfield. “It’s quite dark, but hopefully not too violent for people.”

The book is for sale now on Amazon priced £7.95.