Police urge people to behave at Boston’s May Fair

Inspector Dave Rimmer in Boston Market Place.
Inspector Dave Rimmer in Boston Market Place.

Extra officers will be put on duty during the May Fair with orders that ‘disorder will not be tolerated’ during this year’s event.

The announcement by Lincolnshire Police follows incidents of trouble during last year’s event - which resulted in it closing earlier at night than planned.

A police spokesman said that behaviour had been a ‘blight’ on what should be a family-friendly occasiona.

In order to prevent this happening again Boston police will put extra officers on duty with the sole purpose of making sure that the fair will be a safe and enjoyable event.

Community Policing Inspector Dave Rimmer said: “I am confident that our arrangements to police the May Fair will prevent any repeat of last year, but if anyone engages in anti-social or disorderly behaviour then they can expect to see consequences to their actions.”

The officers will be deployed with a brief that any disorder will not be tolerated.

A spokesman said there is no intention to alter any timings this year unless disorder prevailed and officers will work closely with the fair people throughout the week.

Last year, police were hit by complaints that they ‘spoiled the evening atmosphere’ over the way they handled anti-social behaviour.

Showpeople were told the police were keen for the music to stop as they feared it attracted the yob element. Rumours of incidents also spread over social media.

Boston Borough Council’s community safety team have also said they will take immediate action to quell anti-social behaviour, especially where alcohol is involved.

Principal community safety officer Peter Hunn, said: “We don’t want to be spoilsports, but we will do all we can to ensure the May Fair remains an event that everyone can enjoy. No one, especially families with young children, should be intimidated, or fearful, of bad behaviour, especially at a fun event such as this.”