REVIEW: Doctor Who Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

Standard Whovian Darren Sykes runs the rule over the television Time Lord’s new series on BBC One:

Doctor Who continued on Saturday with the garishly titled: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

Only an exclamation mark at the end of the title could have shouted any loader from the screen.

Ironic, then, this oddball of an episode was conceived in the mind of Chris Chibnell, author of some a Torchwood’s more gory episodes.

Last time the Doctor battled ‘Jurassic’s finest’, Jon Pertwee was still in the TARDIS and the dinosaurs were more akin to giant rubber puppets.

Happily, computer graphics and budgets have improved since then and the prehistoric monsters presented to us here were a lot more convincing.

After all, who didn’t shed a tear at the demise of the ball-chasing triceratops? Yes, it really was that sort of episode.

Matt Smith always relishes these lighter offerings and his performance was full of gusto. However, the best scenes where those starring Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) and Mark Williams (Rory’s Dad). Two of their most humorous featured Rory’s amazement at his Dad always carrying a trowel around with him and the other: when asked if he was carrying any vegetable matter? Dad replies: ‘Only my balls.’

The giant robots with attitude, voiced by comic duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb, provided a comic counterpart to the cruel Solomon intent on stopping at nothing to acquire the universe’s most usual items.

Interestingly, after scanning the Doctor, these rare items didn’t seem to include him. More evidence perhaps, after the Daleks’ memory of the Doctor was wiped at the conclusion of last week’s episode, of the Doctor’s legacy gradually being erased from time and space? By the end of this series, we might all be asking; Doctor Who?

Overall, an enjoyable romp. But don’t look too hard at the plot.

(Rating: 4/5)

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