REVIEW: Doctor Who Nightmare in Silver

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

This week our resident Whovian Darren Sykes has taken to emulating cricket-loving fifth doctor Peter Davison and transmatted his way to Trent Bridge. Stepping up to the crease in his absence to review the latest episode of Doctor Who, Nightmare in Silver, is reporter Daniel Jaines.

Nightmare in Silver was a brilliant episode, there’s no doubt in my mind Neil Gaiman made the Cybermen scary again, warriors that can, and have, upgraded to defeat their enemies just like that.

The storyline was amazing and had some brilliant lines, particularly from Warwick Davis as emporer-in-hiding ‘Porridge’, my particular favourite being ‘it’s hard to fight an enemy that uses your armies as spare parts’.

The Doctor was sidelined again in this episode and taken over by the Cyberplanner was lively.

To see into his mind was fantastic, particularly the memories which flashed across - Matt Smith played this divide to perfection and I was reminded of the performance of David Tenant’s Doctor when taken over by Cassandra.

The back story, the war against the Cybermen that resulted in a planet being imploded, was also very intriguing and I hope that this could be explored further and from different points of view.

However, there is a negative - the children (won’t somebody please think of the children!) Clara’s extended family were... how shall I say it, an interesting addition, but not right.

Angie came off as very wooden and your typical teenage girl with exclamations of “I’m bored” while Artie attempted to sound interested.

Both came off as slightly flat and clunky - if they return I hope they upgrade to include a bit more genuine feeling behind their actions and a bit less of the ‘school play’ feel.

Finally, a bit of nit-picking from me, with a war that ranged thousands of years across vast planets, which undoubtedly included water, how come it took so long for the Cybermen to upgrade to deal with moats?


Saturday features the return of River Song - one of my personal favourite characters - and the Paternoster Gang for the finale The Name Of The Doctor.