Lucy (15)
Lucy (15)

Reviewer Gavin Miller is impressed by Lucy...

French action-thriller aficionado Luc Beeson (The Fifth Element) fires out his best film in 20 years – since the Jean Reno-starring Leon – which helps propel Scarlett Johansson into A-list territory as the leading star.

For the most part this is a cleverly-crafted, high-octane, gun-toting action flick, that sees Johansson’s innocent American abroad go ‘nuts’ after ingesting a new synthetic drug – that allows her to use 100 per cent of the brain’s capacity compared to the usual 10 per cent – then seek revenge on her Taiwanese captors.

She turns into a merciless kick-ass femme fatale after being set-up as a drug mule to Min-Sik Choi’s psychotic bad guy Mr Jang, and then goes globe-trotting to locate the substance – and find if there’s a cure via Morgan Freeman’s expert Professor Norman.

As Lucy gets stronger – using mind powers and super-human killer accuracy – so does the film’s likeability factor, and by the end you’re so exhausted you feel like you could have taken the brain-bending drug with her, as Johansson revels in her role.

And even though it has an overcooked ending that takes the premise a little too far, there’s an enjoyable erraticism and deliciously-violent coolness to Beeson’s return-to-form – which makes it a spot-on cinematic spectacle for the obvious demographic.

Referencing the classic ‘50s TV series . . . I Love Lucy.