REVIEW: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim

Resident reviewer Gavin Miller runs to the rule over Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim...

It’s all about sequels in Hollywood these days so it’s hard for a brand new studio tent-pole movie to get the recognition it deserves.

And that’s exactly what will be Pacific Rim’s long-term downfall – even though it tries to provide something different.

It may have Oscar-nominated director Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, but he’s still not a big-enough name to the general movie-goer – and when your film hasn’t got a major A-list star, that makes it even harder.

Its plot – however implausible – is at least a fresh take on the sci-fi theme, as giant monsters rise from the oceans.

In retaliation, humanity builds massive weapon-laden robots to fight back. But the monsters send stronger creatures and are winning the war.

Enter the stereotyped unlikely hero, washed-up former pilot Raleigh, who is thrown into one of the last working machines with untested Japanese rookie Mako – recruited by Lt Commander Stacker.

The dialogue (surprisingly for Del Toro) can border a little on the generic side, along with the heroic storyline that has been played out in different formats before – but it does ultimately contain a lot of heart.

With the versatile Idris Elba putting in another stand-out performance – coupled with some great battle scenes and special effects – this really deserves to be a monster hit.