REVIEWED: Five-star show for the return of the Muppets

For someone who has always found the Muppets more annoying than entertaining I was understandably cautious about what to expect from The Muppets, but shockingly, this is an absolutely outstanding film.

What perhaps appealed to me most perhaps about The Muppets is that unlike the previous Muppets movies felt much more like spoofs rather than actual films, where as The Muppets’ feels like an actual film which makes you care for both Man and Muppet; which is important as The Muppets centres on both of these.

The Muppets also isn’t afraid for a bit of self mockery either as it not only references the fact that Muppets are now seen as forgotten relics which allows the film transitions very effectively with real life.

This in essence is the story of The Muppets as the Muppet enthusiast Walter attempts to form a reunion in order to save the Muppets studios; this allows for some hilarious encounters with former Muppets, with Animal’s being the highlight.

Charming characters, witty dialogue, hilarious cameo’s, catchy music, an important message, great performances and heart-warming moments; I simply can’t give enough praise towards ‘The Muppets’ and here’s hoping that if a sequel is in order they manage to achieve the same standards.

Welcome back Muppets, it is surprisingly nice to see you back.


review by Boston Grammar School pupil Joe Baxter