VIDEO: 1,000 faces of Boston needed for art project

THE Faces of Boston are to be documented by a local radio presenter and student.

Jon Coupland, 20, is aiming to photograph 1,000 people from across the borough for his final year piece at Lincoln University where he is majoring in photography.

A special drop-in session was held at the Giles52 gallery in Strait Bargate, Boston, today (Wednesday) and Jon will be holding another next Wednesday, February 22, from 1.30-4pm.

“It is a piece for my degree show documenting the faces of Boston,” said Jon. “It only take about 20 seconds to get a quick snap of each person so it won’t take up people’s time.

“I have got less than 50 faces so far but I need to get 1,000 - the project simply won’t work without that number.”

Jon said the faces will be put together for two special displays - one in framed grid formats and another with each face flashing up quickly on a large screen. The show will be at Lincoln University later this year but Jon says he already has plans to bring it to Boston.

“This is not for profit and the pictures I take will not be used commercially - but hopefully it will be a lasting document of the people of Boston.”

He added: “I have been working with local schools on the project and supported by the Giles52 gallery, who have been very generous in letting me use their space - so I’m hoping it will be a success.”