VIDEO: Photographer Jon Coupland unveils Faces of Boston project

A PHOTOGRAPHY student is displaying more than 1,000 faces from around the borough of Boston in the Giles52 gallery this month.

Jon Coupland, who studies at the University of Lincoln, compiled the faces over 11 weeks as part of his final piece for university.

Faces of Boston, Jon Coupland

Faces of Boston, Jon Coupland

The resulting piece currently shows 1,170 faces spread over six boards, although Jon said once the display is complete he would like to take more pictures and attempt to get every face from Boston, like a photographic census.

He said getting people to come in and have their photos taken started off slowly but by the third and fourth week he had 400 people coming in to take part.

He said: “I found it was easier to sell things to people than to ask them to have their photograph taken. Some people did take a bit of pressuring, especially the older generation.

“The amount of times someone said ‘I’ll break the camera’.”

The photos were taken with no, or little expression and participants were allowed to cover, or uncover themselves how they wanted ranging from one man in shades with his top off, to people in full winter wear with scarves covering their faces.

It includes a range of Boston characters across all cultures, nationalities and sexualities.

Jon points out that the boards slowly move through the weather from February when it was cold and people were wearing dark colours and thick clothes, to the warmer weather and more colourful T-shirts and shades before coming back to the more recent cool weather.

He said there were three aims: one to document aspects of Boston, two to ask whether people judge books by their cover, and three to look at families and how generations of Boston look alike or not.

He pointed out that he had separated families from one another so people can try to identify those in the same bloodline.

One participant Jason Dalemon said: “I like it and I think I’m happy, I wanted to be part of the group taking part.

“I think it’s quite artistic.”

The exhibition will be on display at Giles52 Gallery, on Wide Bargate, until May 22.

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