Doctor Who and Eastenders star to appear at Embassy Theatre

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Ahead of her appearance at Skegness’ Embassy Theatre in The Mousetrap, actress Louise Jameson spoke to The Standard about her starring role in the world-famous play.

Louise is perhaps best known for her appearances in two long-running TV series – as Leela, the leather-clad warrior companion of Tom Baker’s Doctor in Doctor Who, and Rosa di Marco, the matriarch and restaurateur in Eastenders.

However, while those shows have been running for 53 and 31 years respectively, they are left behind by her current project – The Mousetrap, the longest-running show of any kind in the world.

Louise is currently touring the UK with the 60th anniversary production of the Agatha Christie murder mystery now in its 64th year).

The anniversary show came to Skegness yesterday (Tuesday) and will be in town until Saturday.

Speaking to The Standard last week, Louise said it was ‘exciting’ to be involved in the production, impressed with the size of the audiences who were turning out to see the play (1,500 the previous night, she said).

She said she was attracted to the show by a desire ‘to do something landmark-ish’ to mark her 65th birthday this year and the chance to play a different type of role, describing her character – the stern and overbearing Mrs Boyle – as a ‘glass-half-empty cow’.

Louise hails from Essex, but her father, David, grew up in Woodhall Spa and brought her to Lincolnshire on trips when she was younger.

“He used to go to Skegness on his holidays. He took me up when I was a child,” she said, adding she was looking forward to the return.

Speaking of the play’s enduring appeal, she said: “I think once it hit the six-year mark and got into the Guinness World Records, it somehow found its way onto the tourist trail.”

Added to this, she said, is the part played by Christie – saying: “I think it’s one of her best. It’s a brilliantly crafted play.”

She added, though, she thought the ‘real secret of its success’ came from the fact the play is based on a real-life case from the 40s.

“It really haunted [Christie] and bothered her and she tried to write it out of her system,” Louise said, explaining that she felt this grounding in true events brought extra ‘soul’ to the play.

There are performances of The Mousetrap each day up to and including Saturday (ticket prices vary).

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