Festive events to be split over multiple groups


Boston Borough Council wants a number of groups to come forward for funding to help with this year’s Christmas events.

The authority’s cabinet, on Wednesday, discussed how some of the Controlling Migration Fund the authority received could be used to match fund seasonal events of up to £10,000 each year for 2018/19 and 2019/20.

It was also agreed that coordination of the groups would come under the head of town centre, leisure, events and culture at the council in consultation with the portfolio holder for the town centre - currently Coun Nigel Welton.

Coun Welton told the cabinet he wanted to see the purchase of legacy items such as tree pits and lights that could be used by the council over several years.

He said he also wanted to see multiple groups doing different things across the town - the idea being that if one group was unable to complete its event or activity, the others would pick up the slack.

The idea was also to make future events and groups self-sustainable.

Councillors agreed to the recommendations.