Review: John Carter is Disney’s bid to do serious sci-fi

Boston Grammar School pupil Joe Baxter offers his take on John Carter (12A)...

John Carter is Disney’s take upon the sci-fi genre but with a much more adult and serious tone.

Although this is what John Carter is aiming for (and at times it definitely achieves this) the film often doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.

With numerous plots never being delved into enough; most notably the wooden romance between the films two leads.

John Carter is definitely a visual spectacle, with fine attention to detail (which is due to the director’s experience in animation with ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Wall-E’).

However, whilst John Carter tries to be a serious film in which you feel everything is at stake two key mistakes are made.

The first of which is pretty much all characters lack any significant depth which is essential in a heavily plot driven narrative.

The second of which is that the humour is not executed in the right manner which results in the audience being distracted from everything else going on and ultimately making the film take a misstep in its aim.

However, while the film definitely doesn’t become what it was aiming to be there are definitely ideas in John Carter which if expanded upon could work.

If John Carter could be classified as a false start and its flaws are eradicated and the basic foundations improved upon, then there is hope for John Carter yet.