Tim winning high-profile support for book project

Author Tim Atkinson.
Author Tim Atkinson.

An author from Boston has received high-profile support in his bid to get into print what he describes as ‘the forgotten story of the First World War’.

In March, the Standard reported on how Tim Atkinson had looked to the crowdfunding website Unbound to get his second novel, entitled The Glorious Dead, published.

Tim during a research trip.

Tim during a research trip.

The process sees authors pitch their book ideas to readers, who then choose the ones they like and pledge their support financially.

When an idea has enough supporters, the book is written and produced, with backers receiving something in return for their help.

Tim’s book is now at 54 per cent of its target and needs about 200 more people to pledge to be fully funded.

Among his supporters so far include ex-Crimewatch presenter-turned-author Sue Cook, Time Team’s Francis Pryor, poet and presenter of BBC Radio 3’s The Verb Ian MacMillan, and former curate of Boston Stump and ex-pop star Richard Coles.

The Glorious Dead is focused on what happened when the Great War ended – the battlefield clearances, the creation of iconic war cemeteries and the question of why so many men who served – and survived – remained in Flanders amid the ruins of the war they had fought.

Tim, a former Boston Grammar School teacher, said publishing a book in such a way as Unbound allows readers to be involved ‘at every stage in the process’, including helping to design what it looks like.

“Instead of a publisher and bookseller basically deciding what people should read, Unbound is saying, ‘it’s your call: if you want this book, you need to step forward and support it,’ he said.

“In return, you get to be part of something – something that develops its own momentum and starts to feel a bit like a campaign.”

You can support the appeal at unbound.co.uk/books/the-glorious-dead.