Wild Bill - ‘Beats Love Island’, your verdict on episode one

Settling in, Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon. Picture: ITV
Settling in, Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon. Picture: ITV

Wild Bill, ITV’s new crime drama set in Boston, has left audiences in the town divided.

Last night, the first episode of the six-part series starring US actor Rob Lowe was screened.

Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon and Bronwyn James as DC Muriel Yeardsley, who 'made' the show for one viewer. Picture: ITV

Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon and Bronwyn James as DC Muriel Yeardsley, who 'made' the show for one viewer. Picture: ITV

After it finished, the Standard posted its review and invited comments on the show from readers.

We received almost 150 comments, a mix of positive and negative.

Some loved seeing the town and screen and cannot wait for more; others were less impressed and took aim at the plot.

The most common observation related to the odd prevalence of Yorkshire accents and many said they would like to have heard more local dialect – ‘duck’, for instance.

Here are a selection of your comments:

* Shirley Bannister said: “Very poor don’t think I will watch it again.”

* Kevin Scott said: “Wasnt laugh out loud and wasnt faultless, lacked the local dialect but was quite ok with some good observations.”

* Ann Epton said: “I thought the wind turbine bit was unrealistic, and the accents were shakey, but I enjoyed the storyline and the views. I noticed a lot of Boston cliches in this first episode and hope that means Wild Bill will dispel some of them over the series.”

* Anne Ruck said: “Storyline a bit poor, could have been better, hope next one storyline more convincing.”

* Matt King said: “I enjoyed it, good story and good to see Boston on tv. If it was set anywhere else we wouldn’t be paying any attention to the set, the accents or the artistic license.”

* Samantha Jane Windell said: “I thought it was great, I even saw myself in the background - was brilliant watching it be filmed and was lucky enough to meet Rob Lowe.”

* Jon Coupland said: “They nailed our Yorkshire accent.”

* Debbie Grainger said: “Wasnt great. Liked the ginger lass. She made it to be honest.”

* Shelly Fletcher said: “I thought it was good enjoyed seeing familiar places. It wasn’t meant to be factual.”

* Emma Louise Roland-Shrubb said: “Can you really just let yourself up to the top of a wind turbine???”

* Deidre Bates said: “Waiting for him to buy Boston sausages. Great programme.”

* Simon Westwood said: “Beats love island .. so im all in.”

* Myrtle Chuffnell said: “Police procedure laughable.”

* Anne Dorrian said: “I was extremely disappointed in the show, after looking forward to it for so long. Admittedly, my mood wasn’t great after finding my home flooded, due to the persistent rain but I sat down with a glass of wine to relax and enjoy the programme. I was surprised at the poor production qualities – poor CGI, poor stunts and very poor acting in places. The script was too predictable and why oh why were all the ‘locals’ speaking in some weird Yorkshire accent, which sounded nothing like our delicious Lincolnshire twang???!!! This teacher’s report says ‘could do better’.”

* Sarah Durrant said: “Didn’t think there were turbines in Antons Gowt? Def no opera house in Stickney, it is what it is and I enjoyed it.”

* Paul Sleath said: “What a load of rubbish that was! Surprised with a storyline and plot so thin and far fetched it ever got made!”

* Tracey Stevenson said: “I enjoyed it. Just suspend reality and enjoy it for what it is! And still waaaaaaaayyyyyyy more realistic than Love Island.”

* Joanne Johnson said: “I really enjoyed it ... lovely seeing Boston on t.v for good reasons and not bad.”

* Ian Moore said: “The story line let it down.”

* Agnieszka Zebracka said: “I enjoyed seeing Boston in it loved the cabbage field, I think I know where it is, plot interesting, though unrealistic, can’t wait for next Wednesday ...”