Wild Bill – Episode Two preview

Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon'. Picture: ITV
Rob Lowe as Bill Hixon'. Picture: ITV

This week’s episode of Wild Bill sees the newly appointed Chief Constable of East Lincolnshire Police on the hunt of the ‘Boston Bandit’.

Rob Lowe’s Bill Hixon tries to reboot his authority by getting his under-resourced team to focus on the difficult unsolved crimes.

The ‘Boston Bandit’, we learn, was responsible for a series of post office robberies and a murder.

However, Bill’s team are more interested in a mysterious amnesiac who has shot to local fame for playing the piano in the station.

Bill’s soon reaping the plaudits when he succeeds in linking the stranger to the notorious cold case, only to realise the truth is more complicated than it first appears.

Meanwhile, Bill’s professional relationship with local judge Lady Mary Harborough gets personal, community figure Oleg Krasnov pressures DC Muriel Yeardsley into betraying Bill, and Bill’s daughter Kelsey succeeds in getting him to finally engage with his dead wife’s memory.

One clip released to promote the episode also brings a metion of Claxby, extending the focus from Boston and its villages to the outskirts of the Wolds. Will more Yorkshire accents be found? Tune in tonight on ITV at 9pm to find out.

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