Hear the magical tale of the Honey Man

‘A LITTLE magic’ will be brought to Bottesford Village Hall later this month.

Theatre company New Perspectives will tell the tale of The Honey Man, by Tyrone Huggins.

This is an absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops one summer between 15-year-old Misty and Honey Man, an ‘ancient’ Afro-Caribbean man, who has taken up residence in a derelict cottage at the edge of the picture-postcard English village where she lives.

Actors will bring alive the story of growing up and growing old, of responsibility and shared history, of dying bees and healing herbs

The Honey Man, co-produced by Derby LIVE, is on at the village hall in Bottesford at 7.30pm on Sunday, April 22.

To buy tickets call 01949 842868.