50 Sniffs announce their split

50 Sniffs
50 Sniffs

Boston’s home-grown comedy rappers 50 Sniffs have announced they are to hang up their flourescent jackets at the end of their UK tour.

The parody rap act won many fans across the county and further afield after producing risque songs and lively music videos - along with an original charity Christmas single.

Frontman ‘Fiddy’ - AKA Jimmy May - spoke to The Standard to confirm the split and their aims to ‘go out with a bang’.

He said distance between the members was the main reason, but emphasised this was geographical - and not due to a ‘rift’ in the band.

“We’re all still friends,” he said. “But have been performing as 50 Sniffs since we were 18 and we’re in our mid twenties now. Although it’s been overwhelmingly well-received this past year, it’s becoming increasingly hard to arrange gigs where we can all be present as I now live in Sheffield.

“Also, we wanted 50 Sniffs to be something that people remember fondly - something that people really enjoyed and continued to do so until the end, so we thought it was better to go out with a bang than a splutter.”

However, Jimmy said there is plenty more to come before they depart - with plans still afoot to produce three or four more original songs.

“There’s a music video which in its early stages of ideas, but it’s making me laugh a lot so I’m hoping it’ll entertain other people,” said Jimmy.

“We’ll be doing three more home town gigs in Boston in 2014 - Then we’re hanging up those fluorescent jackets for the final time.”

The first of these gigs takes place at The Brit, in Church Street, this Saturday. The boys will then head out for their UK tour - playing dates across the country, including London.

In July they will headline the Flood Aid concert in Boston - followed by what is being billed as their last show - Coningsby’s Alchemy Festival in September.

The trio’s recent successes have seen them attracting more than 168,000 hits on Youtube for their Skegness-themed music video Fish, Chips and Donkey Ridez - which attracted media attention from across the county.

Their original Christmas track Credit Card Christmas (#Stellabration Time) also made it to the top of the iTunes comedy chart and reached number 63 in its singles chart.

The profits from the download sales, minus iTunes taking its 33 per cent cut, and a share for the song’s composer, left the boys with just £350 - all of which they are donating to the Boston flood appeal.

Jimmy thanked all those who had helped and supported them, adding: “I would like to thank all the guys at the Boston Standard for their continued local news support.”