Boston seventh least musical part of country according to university study


A university study has ranked Boston seventh worst place in the country for musical skills and abilities.

The researchers from Goldsmiths, University of London studied data from more than 94,000 participants across the UK – with neighbouring East Lindsey ranked ninth and North Lincolnshire sixth – marking out the area as a musical black spot.

Yet the survey comes just a couple of weeks after Boston-born producer Alan Moulder picked up a BRIT Award for best producer on the Foals’ album.

The university says the study found that there is a high correlation between how musical people are and the average income of the area where they live.

Dr Daniel Müllensiefen, lead researcher on the project from the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, said: “It was fascinating to be involved in this study – the largest of its kind ever to be undertaken – and it was exciting to map out for the first time how musical expertise is spread across an entire nation.

“The most intriguing result for me is to be able to see on a map how musical skills are related to social conditions of our modern lives.

“Perhaps the most surprising result was the relationship between income and musicality. With a couple of exceptions, people who lived in postcode areas with a higher average income performed better in the music ability tests. The next question we’re going to tackle is the cause behind this relationship.”

Areas where residents are most musical:

1. Hastings

2. West Somerset

3. North Dorset

4. Blaenau Gwent

5. Haringey

6. Sevenoaks

7. Shetland Islands

8. York

9. Hackney

10. Gwynedd

Areas where residents are least musical:

1. Redditch

2. Ashfield

3. Richmondshire

4. Anglesey

5. Christchurch

6. North Lincolnshire

7. Boston

8. Maldon

9. East Lindsey

10. Swale

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