‘Heavy menthol’ sweets to help ease Glastonbury toilet pong

Jakemans donate sweets to Howard Williams to take to Glastonbury
Jakemans donate sweets to Howard Williams to take to Glastonbury

There will be some ‘heavy menthol’ on offer at Glastonbury this year – with a Boston volunteer packing a supply of the borough’s famous sweets to help mask the pong of the loos at the festival.

Boston Borough Council environmental health officer Howard Williams has been supplied with enough Jakemans sweets to distribute to environmental volunteers at the event, which opens its gates to crowds tomorrow.

Howard said: “Nothing compares to Glastonbury as a festival. For one week it is the third largest city in the south west of England with more than 180,000 people attending.

“That means that there a lot of toilets to check, more than 5000 to be precise!”

Along with two subterranean reservoirs providing drinking water, a sewage storage facility and recycling plant, Glastonbury festival has plenty of other environmental aspects to consider as well.

The donated sweets from Jakemans will be appreciated by Howard and his team of environment and sanitation volunteers whose responsibility it is to keep the toilets in a fit state and drinking water supplies flowing.

Jakemans, which produces more than two million sweets a day from its Sutterton factory, jumped at the chance to help out.

Tony Bradshaw, Plant Manager explained: “Jakemans not only produces sweets for the UK market. They are now very popular worldwide, including large exports to the USA.

“Over the years we have received excellent help and advice from the environmental health department at Boston Borough Council, especially Trevor Darnes, who was on hand to offer guidance during an assessment by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).”