LETTER: Report is wrong...Boston’s musicians shine on the national stage


A letter in response to the study claiming Boston seventh least musical town:

Boston area young musicians consistently perform on the national stage.

Music for Youth presents the largest youth music festival on earth with some 50,000 participants nationwide. In July 2011 Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra was selected from the regional festival to perform in the national festival in Birmingham where it was given the prestigious Royal Albert Hall Award for Jazz.

In July 2012 Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra were one of 20 bands selected nationally to perform in the Barbican Hall London as part of the prestigious Essentially Ellington Festival.

In November 2012 Boston jazz combo Blue in Green was selected from 10,000 ensembles nationally to perform in the Schools Prom in the Royal Albert Hall.

The 80-strong Boston Youth Pop Choir was selected in the same festival to perform in the National Festival in Birmingham Town Hall.

In November 2013 some 150 young musicians from Boston joined the Lincolnshire massed ensemble in the Royal Albert Hall Schools Prom performing a specially commissioned piece.

In Britain’s most iconic concert venue, the last surviving British Dambuster, Squadron Leader George (Johnny) Johnson, was guest of honour at an inspirational world premiere of ‘Lincolnshire Skies: A Tribute to the Dambusters’

Lincolnshire Music Service’s massed ensemble performance showcased the wealth and breadth of musical talent within the rural county of Lincolnshire, uniting about 600 performers ranging in age and ability from nearly 40 schools.

Just this year in Boston schools nearly 400 children have had the opportunity to learn through Lincolnshire Music Service whole class instrumental opportunities, learning everything from trombone to ukulele!

Next week some 23 young ensembles and choirs from Boston and across the region will gather to perform in the Music for Youth Regional Festival in Boston presented in partnership with Lincolnshire Music Service and Haven High Academy.

If you would like to hear Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra and Pop Choir they are delighted to be in concert supporting the mayor’s charities in the iconic Gliderdrome on Saturday March 22 2014.

Doors Open 8.00pm Music from 9.00pm

Tickets £10 available from Alison Hull, borough council civic and members services officer 01205 314511.

Lee Hextall

Lincolnshire Music Service