Mumford and Sons new album is ‘absolutely brilliant’

Review of Mumford and Sons new album Babel by Liam Chambers

Well, after just over a year of impatient waiting from many people the second instalment is finally here. And what can I say, other than it is absolutely brilliant. There are one or two issues, but these are greatly out-weighed by the positives. There are a lot of similarities with their first album, but that is not a bad thing – the first album was fantastic.

I have heard people complain about the ‘depressing’ songs, however I would say there are not many this time round. There are one or two, such as Holland Road, but it’s kind of their thing. The quality of song is excellent, and I can honestly say it was a pleasure listening to this album. I bought the deluxe version, which has an extra three songs included. They are a nice addition, making this edition well-worth investing in.