Pennyless are rich with musical talent

Penny Stevens and Les Woods, of Pennyless.
Penny Stevens and Les Woods, of Pennyless.

A RICH mix of music is promised when Pennyless make a welcome return to Boston Folk Club on Monday.

Penny Stevens and Les Woods originally teamed up to write new songs and rework some traditional tunes on fiddle and guitar.

They have since been joined by Graham Dale, who adds to their distinctive sound with his expert playing of flute, melodica and djembe.

All three also sing, and their musical journey has taken them to festivals, fairs and pubs across and length and breadth of the UK, receiving great reviews from satisfied audiences around the country.

Citing influences as diverse as Bowie and Beefheart, Dickens and Lear, they are steeped in a variety of styles from clog dancing to classical, with Les also occasionally dusting off his trusty Telecaster for some raucous pub-rock with his own band.

The group write, perform and record all their own music, with their latest album released in 2011.

The Turning of My Days has had much success since its release, and represents some of the band’s best and most up-to-date work.

The show at Boston Folk Club is on Monday, April 2, upstairs at the Eagle in West Street.

The show will begin at the pub at 8.15pm, so make sure you’re on time to get the most from the gig.

l For more information call 01205 358783.