REVIEW: iTunes top ten – David Bowie provides a ‘genuine pleasure’ for reviewer

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Resident music reviewer Boston Grammar School pupil Liam Chambers gives his view on this week’s iTunes top-ten.

Number 10: Touble Maker, Olly Murs feat Flo Rida I’m not normally an Olly fan, but this is quite good, it’s definitely catchy, and it’s surprisingly musical for something that features Flo Rida.

Number 9: Diamonds, Rhianna For those of you that regularly read my review, you’ll know how I feel about this particular song. For those who don’t, it’s terrible, not even worth a listen.

Number 8: Because we can, Bon Jovi This doesn’t fit the ususal Bon Jovi mould, however it’s an enjoyable song, and definitely worth a quick listen, especially if you’re down in the dumps!

Number 7: Ho Hey, The Lumineers yet another excellent pick me up song, one which you could listen to over again and not get bored of it. Worthy of a higher spot on the charts, but pleased to see it featuring still.

Number 6: Drinking form the Bottle, Calvin Harris feat Tinie Tempah I’m not a ‘dance track’ kinda guy, but I personally enjoy this song, it’s catchy, not full of bass, and generally quite a good tune.

Number 5: Locked Out Of Heaven, Bruno Mars Not a Bruno fan, and unfortunately this song is no exception to the rule. If you like this type of music, then you’ll love it, but I personally cannot stand it.

Number 4: Don’t Stop the Party, Pitbull As always, Pitbull is about as talented as a tennis ball. This song is terrible, and is made using the Pitbull rule: 1. Say ‘Unh’ 2. Mumble three Spanish words. 3.List four cities, including Miami. Congratulations, you just made a Pitbull song.

Number 3: Impossible, James Arthur Finally! Some talent on this list, oh wait, X Factor winner, joyous times. It was a terrible song to begin with, and the cover by Mr. Arthur is even worse, if you value your eardrums, steer well clear.

Number 2: I knew you were trouble, Taylor Swift Maybe our dear American friend can shed some talent upon this list with her dulcet tones, by singing yet another song about an ex-boyfriend. I find this a terrible shame, because Taylor has so much potential, yet persists in writing the same drivel about another boyfriend. If she branched out more, she would be a lot more popular world wide.

Number 1: Where are we now? David Bowie It’s a genuine pleasure to report that David Bowie has released yet another song. It is signature Bowie and a truly good song. It’s nice to see that his voice has not aged, unlike some artist of a similar age. I think that this tune has definitely made up for the terrible songs further up the list.