Risqué rappers 50 Sniffs to play in Boston

50 Sniffs' frontman 'Fiddy' - Photos by Georgina Martin
50 Sniffs' frontman 'Fiddy' - Photos by Georgina Martin

A parody rap act from Boston who have attracted a huge online following are to perform three gigs in their hometown as part of their 2013 UK tour.

Despite their self-proclaimed ‘low-budget, rubbish parody tracks’ the risqué trio have gained fans at both ends of the British Isles – with gig offers coming from Brighton to Aberdeen - and even Greece!

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No Caption ABCDE

Set up in 2008, the group features members Fiddy, Dizzle and Kizzle – AKA Jimmy May, David Vaughan and Jake Kelly.

Their songs parody those of artists such as 50 Cent, Nicky Minaj, Jay-Z and Kanye West, and as with these artists, explicit lyrics are used so their songs are not recommended to under-18s.

Sniffs’ renewed popularity has come off the back of their latest track ‘BSTN’ – an affectionate, if cheeky, homage to Boston, performed to the tune of Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’ about London.

Their self-made music video for this has been viewed online more than 17,000 times – despite having only been uploaded little over three weeks’ ago.

The chorus includes the lyrics ‘The Stump is the sky, oh why oh why would you want to live anywhere else?’.

“We wrote the song because we’re proud of Boston and the people that live here,” said Jimmy. “It is about having a good time, and in this day and age that’s what we need.

“Things are too bleak – it’s nice to give people something that’s more lighthearted and it’s even nicer that they have enjoyed it so much.

“We are very proud to be from Boston. A place is nothing but what you make it – and we have the time of our lives.”

‘Fiddy’ added: “We decided it was about time to put Boston back on the musical map kiiiid.”

50 Sniffs’ first Boston gig takes place at Afterdark this Sunday, from late, when the club will be having a Bank Holiday ‘bling and chav-themed fancy dress night’. Entry is £3.

They will return on Friday, June 20, for a show at The Axe and Cleaver, in West Street, from 11pm (free entry) - and perform at the Pilgrim Lounge on August 16.

Their other tour dates include Sheffield, Tamworth - and Kos in Greece - with more still to be announced.