Step back to nineties with Ultra 90s show

One of the acts in ultra 90s
One of the acts in ultra 90s

IF YOU spent the nineties dancing away to classics by Dee-lite, Faithless, House of Pain and Vanilla Ice then Ultra 90s is a show you will not want to miss!

This retro show will take you right back to those nights of your youth which were spent enjoying music which was fresh, new and exciting.

House, dance and club classics and drum ‘n’ bass will all pop up during this show when it is performed at Blackfriars Theatre on Tuesday (July 26).

Ultra 90s offers a unique new musical show which will accost audiences with bags of energy, talent and style.

This show is bound to get any party buzzing!

Soulful female vocalists, talented male voices, stunning costumes and an extensive repertoire mean that you can guarantee you have never seen anything like this before.

So why not grab some friends, stick on a crop top and a mini skirt or some blue jeans and a shirt and head out for a great night out?

From N Trance to Capella and Baby D to the Prodigy, you’re sure to love this act.

Ultra 90s will perform at Blackfriars Theatre at 8pm.

Tickets cost £4 from or from Blackfriars Theatre, but anyone arriving at the door wearing nineties-style clothing will get a discount.

If you have a bumbag or a shellsuit hiding at the back of your wardrobe, or if you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away that shirt and denim waistcost stowed away in the loft, now is the time to bring them out.

Embrace your youth and enjoy the high-energy, retro fun that is Ultra 90s.

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