UPDATE: 50 Sniffs Christmas single shoots up iTunes chart

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Boston parody rappers 50 Sniffs Christmas single has shot up the iTunes chart to position 72 since its release yesterday.

The trio’s track is available to download for 79p and has now reached 72 in the official iTunes chart and is number one in the comedy chart.

Proceeds from the sales are going to Boston flood victims and the Youtube video is set to be released later today (Tuesday).

Monday, 5.50pm - Boston parody rappers 50 Sniffs are set to release their Christmas single this week - with profits to be donated to victims of the flood.

The trio were out in Boston yesterday filming scenes for Credit Card Christmas - their first attempt at getting into the UK song charts.

They recorded scenes at various locations in the town, including The Brit and Home Bargains, before heading over to Lincoln for some shots at the city’s Christmas market.

The group’s frontman ‘Fiddy’ - aka Jimmy May - was out in Boston the day after the flood, to get involved with the clean-up operation.

“We are donating all profits from our single to the Boston clean-up fund and the Boston flood victims,” he said.

In a video posted on the group’s Facebook page after Thursday’s deluge, he said: “I’m shouting out to everyone who’s suffering from the flood. Make sure you’re looking after your neighbours, look after the old, look after the young, most importantly look after yourselves.”

50 Sniffs are known for their risqué rap tracks, set to the music of popular artists like 50 Cent and Lily Allen.

Their last song, Fish, Chips and Donkey Ridez, was sung to the tune of Nikki Minaj’s Starships and the comical video attracted more than 150,000 views on Youtube.

However, Credit Card Christmas is a completely original track - featuring tongue-in-cheek lyrics and their own catchy tune.

The music video is expected to be posted on Youtube tomorrow (Tuesday) - with the single available to download on iTunes shortly after.