VIDEO: Forget Britain’s Got Talent - Boston’s Got Talent - meet 64-year-old rapper Ty Dalby

NEVER mind Britain’s Got Talent – it’s now ‘Boston’s Got Talent’ with this unique performance from 64-year-old rapper Ty Dalby.

Watch in awe as the Boston man shows off his rapping skills for The Standard with an exclusive performance of his first rap-poem.

Boston rapper and writer Ty Dalby pictured with his latest 'knock-out' book. GG

Boston rapper and writer Ty Dalby pictured with his latest 'knock-out' book. GG

“It’s called That Summer Love (rap it up for me) and it is the first rap poem I ever wrote, in the summer of 1999.” said Ty, of Friar Way, Boston.

“It reflects my influences in rap at that time, having seen a lot of videos by American rappers like Coolio and LL Cool J with videos of girls in bikinis by swimming pools.”

An excerpt of lyrics from Ty’s rap reads:

You can cut me off in autumn

you can shun me in the spring

But when summertime’s here

I need to hear my phone ring.

I love warm, summer air

I dig the cool, cool breeze

And all year long I’ve been down on my knees.

So here’s a prayer for Summer Love

and it’s addressed to the Force above

Big Daddy, send down some Summer Love.

He added: “It’s nothing like what I write now – it’s a little bit naive in many ways, but reflected how I felt at the time. I mostly write about philosophical things now.”

Ty has been writing short stories, poems and raps lyrics for a number of years, and all are inspired by events in his own life.

His latest book, The Collected Short Stories of Ty Dalby, is available to buy now via Amazon or Boston-based PMP Publishing.