REVIEW: Boston to Broadway

Boston to Broadway, organised by the town's AJ Dance school.
Boston to Broadway, organised by the town's AJ Dance school.

Haven High Academy recently played host to four shows entitled Boston to Broadway, organised by the town’s AJ Dance school.

Songs featured in each performance included Summer Holiday, Beauty and the Beast, Singing in the Rain, Cotton Eye Joe, 42nd Street and a Chicago Medley.

These were tied-in to a fun family storyline which followed the adventures of Boston girl Alison Stanwell and her friends as she travelled the world in search of dance stardom.

Along the way the group encountered song and dance from the entertainment world of Disney and other well-known theatrical themes.

The large audiences in attendance were treated to a wide variety of colourful costumes and heartfelt performances from singers and dancers of all ages.

There were even a few one-liner jokes thrown in for good measure, which went down well.

From start to finish the shows exhibited a great community spirit, with all profits going to the Help For Heroes charity. It was fantastic to see so many local people showcasing their many talents on the stage during each entertaining performance.

Credit must also go to the teachers at AJ Dance for the amount of hard work and planning that had obviously gone into each show.

If you like your entertainment energetic and good value for money look out for AJ Dance’s next production!