Kick-off the new year with these events


Now the festive season is over, it’s time to get back to the usual gig scene – here’s a few ideas to get you started for a night out...

○ On Sunday, Old Leake Country Music Club will be playing host to country music duo Jonny Williams and Lynnette Marie and vocalist Paul D. Hopkins.



The show starts at the village community centre from 2pm.

Jonny and Lynnette play traditional country music along with Paul, who has visited Boston previously with his show The Roy Orbison Experience.

Tickets £6.

To book call 01205 870853 or 01205 870983.

○ Blackfriars Theatre kicks off its season with a charity Rock and Roll Party featuring performances by tribute band Status Quote and vocalist Dave Logan, on Friday, January 18.

Starting at 7.30pm, tickets cost £10, and the event aims to raise money for the Friends of Frampton Churches.

Tickets are available by calling 01205 723579. Some tickets are also available from Blackfriars Theatre on 01205 363108.

○ Later in the month the Spain Lane venue will feature Boston Children’s Theatre with their first show of the year.

The two groups will be performing two plays over the course of Friday and Saturday, January 25 and 26.

Starting from 7pm both nights, the younger group will perform Dragon Trouble while the older group will perform a Hysterical History of the Trojan War.

Both plays are by American author D.M. Larson.

Tickets £7.50 and £6.

To book call 01205 363108.

○ Do you have an event coming up in 2013? Email, call 01205 311433 or tweet @standarddaniel.