Plays will showcase our young performers


A CHILDREN’S theatre company’s two groups will be having a whole loaf of fun as they perform a combined show at Blackfriars Theatre on Friday and Saturday.

Boston Children’s Theatre will be performing two plays at the Spain Lane venue from 7pm.

Group one (consisting of the eight-11 year-olds) will perform Tribes United, which promises to be an imaginative piece about the Sculptor Tribe who are bored with each other because they all look the same.

They decide to go to the Clay Mountains and make a new tribe out of clay and all goes well between them until the evil Beaky Bird intervenes.

Following this, the first group will then be joined by the 11-16 year-olds to perform Baklavia.

This is a comedy set in Greece, mirroring the current financial struggle.

A group of bakers decide to break away from the extra taxes being heaped on them and form their own country.

This brings them the army, the UN and lots of attention, but quickly spirals out of control.

As someone paraphrases ‘you can take our freedom, but never our pastries’.

Judith Hall of the theatre company said: “After the play performed by Boston Children's Theatre in June last year eight members had to move from Group One to Group Two having reached secondary school age.

“This left only six children in Group One and performing a play with six children aged eight-11 was not an option so we decided to do a small sketch with Group One and a full length play with the whole society.

“After commencing rehearsals in September, six children joined Group One so we will at least be able to do a one act play for each group in June of this year.”

Both groups have vacancies for children to commence rehearsals in March for our June performances.

Contact Judith Hall on 01775 820759 for details.

Tickets for the evening cost £6.50 (conc £5.50).

To book call 01205 363108 or visit or for more information.