Theatrical project launched in town

Guests and members of New Perspectives Theatre Company meet for a meal in Boston.

A new two-year theatrical project has launched in Boston to seek, capture, document and share stories from the town’s community.

New Perspectives, a Nottingham-based touring theatre company, is working with film and theatre director Alan Lyddiard on Boston Stories.

Boston Stories, told by residents, will be made into a short film, and will eventually turn into a large-scale theatre production which will be staged in Boston in 2018.

The main focus of the two-year project is to reveal to audiences what it is like to be a Bostonian.

Wheels were set in motion at a meal at Spice Village Goan restaurant, in Boston, which was attended by a Lithuanian community leader, a police officer, a Portuguese shopkeeper, and an IT specialist among others.

During the meal, guests shared stories that have shaped their lives and the community in which they live.

These conversations were recorded and will form the basis of the film, and production.

Alan has previously worked with communities to produce similar productions, with a notable one being Witch’s Blood, which saw Dundee used as the stage, transporting an audience of 1,000 people in double decker buses across the city.

Jack McNamara, artistic director at New Perspectives, said: “Alan’s work with communities is second to none in this country. I am extremely excited about the theatre that will emerge from working with the people of Boston.”

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