Console Corner: The top 10 games of 2016: Part 2

Tom Clancy's The Division is finally released in March and I can't wait
Tom Clancy's The Division is finally released in March and I can't wait

Last week we started our two part look ahead to the top 10 most hotly anticipated games of 2016.

There are a host of huge titles on the horizon as well with 10) Street Fighter V, 9) No Man’s Sky, 8) Doom, 7) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and 6) Mass Effect Andromeda featured so far.

This week we look ahead to the remaining five top titles working their way onto our machines in 2016.

5) Gears of War 4: Gears of War is the Xbox destination for hardcore gun-toting monster hunting thrill-a-minute action. Gears of War 4 is the first new entry on Xbox One, and first from new developer The Coalition which is aiming for a return to the series’ dark and eerie best.

Here’s hoping it’s the right move for Microsoft because they certainly need it with Sony and PC so dominant. Release date: Pre-Christmas.

4) Far Cry Primal: Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise is one of the best and most successful open-world offerings of the last decade, but Primal will turn the clock back to the Stone Age in a big shake-up which promises to deliver brilliant new features such as recruiting beasts to follow you around the savage wilderness. A lack of guns will make combat a challange but if they get it right it could prove a masterstroke. Release date: February 23.

3) The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo’s NX is due to debut this year but the fantastic-looking, open-world Legend of Zelda seen at E3 2014 is still slated for the Wii U, the company says.

Don’t be surprised to see it release on both, but whatever happens who wouldnt want one of the all time video game classics in all it’s sandbox glory? It is said to be the biggest and most open-ended entry to date and I hope it marks a fitting send-off for Nintendo’s groundbreaking console. Due: TB 2016.

2) Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: The pioneering free-running parkour game Mirror’s Edge will finally get a follow-up on next gen.

While it maintains the dazzling style of the 2008 original and a similar focus on speedily sprinting across rooftops, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst introduces an open world full of obstacles to bound over, slide down, and vault across. And to really showcase Faith’s parkour talents, you can’t use guns anymore. Release date: May 24.

1) Tom Clancy’s The Division: The Division takes place in mid-crisis New York, an open world with destructive environments that is free for players to explore.

The player’s mission is to restore order by investigating the source of the virus. Players have to team up with other Division agents as they progress.

The Division has been in development for a long time now, stretching back to 2012 but it looks worth the wait.

TCTD is an online, open-world RPG experience where exploration and player progression are essential. Early signs are that it will live up to the hype and we’ll find out pretty soon with the third-person survival shooter out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8.