Viva the divas at the Glider

Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd
Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd

Boston Gliderdrome will pay tribute to four modern day ‘queens of pop’ when it hosts a top touring show on Friday, June 27.

The show is billed as the biggest female diva touring tribute show of 2014, featuring songs of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, and Beyonce.

It is yet another effort to provide music for different age groups and interests and promises to showcase some of the music probably least associated with the Gliderdrome.

Certainly it should attract some younger patrons and it will be interesting to see if there will be yet more attending a venue which some have still said they ‘didn’t know existed in Boston.’

Those involved are two well established tributes in the UK - Lisa Gaga and Jessie Jade. The pair also do Madonna and Beyonce.

The pair have travelled the world performing together and we have developed a great working relationship.

The show features some of the best divas in the business.

Organisers promise to have audiences at the Glider bouncing with tapping feet and booty popping to the all time best female empowering tunes .

Tickets are priced at £10 and are available from the usual outlets: the Gliderdrome (at bingo sessions, including Wednesday afternoons), the Chris Cook Print Shop in Main Ridge, and Burgess Thompson & Richardson in High Street.

For more information on the Queens of Pop tribute tour visit

The Gliderdrome is based on Spain Place. To contact call 01205 367919.